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Job Opening Information 2018-19 Lunch Monitor (VE)

Job Number
Application Deadline

Position Title
2018-19 Lunch Monitor (VE)
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Salary/Pay Scale
$11.10 Per Current Contract
Job Description

The Hilton Central School District is currently seeking candidates to fill vacant Lunch Monitor positions in which the typical work shift is 3 hours/day (10:30 am-1:30 pm) in an elementary (K-6) school lunch room setting. 

Duties may include:

Monitoring children in a school lunch room setting to ensure their well-being, helping to keep them safe and to keep order in a fast paced  environment

Desirable attributes:

  • Enjoy working with children in a lunch/recess setting
  • Have strong interpersonal and group management skills
  • Be flexible and a team player
Civil Service Title
Lunch Monitor
Job Qualifications

Positive Fingerprint Clearance through NYSED - Required

Must Complete online application

Job Category
Job Location
Village Elementary School

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